This section includes documents, all in PDF format, relating to the membership of theStaffrider 1982 front cover Kruger and Dekker Censorship Boards as well as some censor application forms, a selected sample of censorship reports, the text of various censorship Acts dating from the 1930s to the 1970s, and a section from the Government Gazette for April 1966 identifying a range of banned writers, journalists and political activists. I have generally tried to select documents originally produced in English, but some are inevitably in Afrikaans only. The originals of the censorship reports, the censor application forms, and the board membership details are held at the Western Cape Provincial Archives and Records (WCPA) in Cape Town, South Africa. Also included here is a full list of the signatories to the Writers’ and Artists’ Petition of 1963.

Censor Application Forms and Board Membership

Censor Application Form Cloete 1975

Censor Application Form Lighton 1977

Censor Application Form Merwe Scholtz 1974

Censor Application Form du P Erlank 1974

Dekker Board Membership in 1963

Kruger Board Membership in the early 1970s with pay scales for censors

Censor Reports

Censors’ Report on Bretyenbach’s Ysterkoei 1964

Censors’ Report on Breytenbach’s Seisoen 1977

Censors’ Report on Brink’s Miskien Nooit 1968

Censors’ Report on Coetzee’s Barbarians 1980
Late B first page

Censors’ Report on Coetzee’s Michael K 1983

Censors’ Report on Feinberg’s Poets to the People 1975

Censors’ Report on Gordimer’s Bourgeois World 1966

Censors’ Report on Gordimer’s Strangers 1958 and 1961

Censors’ Report on Gwala’s Jol’iinkomo 1977

Censors’ Report on La Guma’s Stone Country 1970

Censors’ Report on Madingoane’s Africa 1979

Censors’ Report on Matthews’s pass me a meatball 1978

Censors’ Report on Modisane’s Blame Me on History 1963

Censors’ Report on Mphahlele’s Down Second Avenue 1967

Censors’ Report on Rive’s Emergency 1964

Censors’ Report on Sepamla’s Soweto I Love 1977

Censors’ Report on Serote’s To Every Birth 1982
Late B second page

Censors’ Report on Smith’s When the Lion Feeds 1964

Censors’ Reports on Brink’s Instant in the Wind and Oomblik in die Wind 1976

From Committee to Appeal the Dry White Season Case 1979

Initial Censors’ Report on Mutloatse’s Forced Landing 1980

Initial Censors’ Reports on Leroux’s Magersfontein 1977

Legislation and Other

Entertainments (Censorship) Act, 1931

Publications and Entertainments Act, 1963

Extracts from Publications Act, 1974

Publications Amendment Act, 1978

Full List of Signatories to the Writers’ and Artists’ Petition 1963

List of Banned Persons 1966


Staff 78 cover

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